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a complete family for the first time | Bobbi, Josh + Ben | Tallahassee, FL deployment Reunion

The world stood still for a moment in the Tallahassee Airport as Josh held his son, Ben, for the first time after a long 7 month deployment.

As Bobbi was standing there, holding Ben and bouncing him up and down trying to keep him calm, she was telling me that this was their third deployment. They have done this THEEE times. And for the 7 months Josh was away, she went through basically her entire pregnancy and birth (with some pretty big complications) without him by her side

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Johnson's + Family | Thomaville, GA Family

It's pretty cool when you're still in touch with your kindergarten and first grade teachers ;). This whole family has taught me at some point in my life and now I'm taking their family pictures! How cool is that?! This is one of the most loving, welcoming, and genuine families I know. Any time I see Mrs. Elizabeth or Mrs. Susan around town they are always the first to say hey and always comment on keeping up with me on social media - you really can't ask for better than that!

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Parkerson + Stoltz Family | Thomasville, Ga Family

There's beauty in chaos - and that saying is what I walked away with after spending a little bit of time with the Parkerson/Stoltz families. One of the things that I love and try so hard to capture is realness and authenticity. Although I can quickly give out a list of poses, I don't always like to. I want to capture what's really going on - the things that are making you laugh, the emotions that you have through the day. And photographing families can sometimes lead to just that!

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Turner Family

Meet the family behind the sunflowers. The last sunflower session turned out so good that I had to go back and do more! Reid was so great for letting me take pictures in his field so what better way to repay the favor than pictures?! I absolutely LOVED getting to know his two kids, Anna Leigh and Kellar. [...]

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Phillips Family

This family. Wow they are so sweet!! I so much loved my Sunday evening spent with them this past weekend. I donated a free session to North Florida Christian School as part of a fund raiser they were doing and I was lucky enough for the Phillips family to get this session [...]

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Cassidee + Ethan

So in love with these pictures form Cassidee's maternity session earlier this week. I've known Cassidee since like Kindergarten. It's been a while since we have seen each other, but I remembered instantly what makes Cassidee so special - her smile. She has a smile that spreads from head to toe and is so contagious. And the way Ethan brings that out in her is the cutest thing! It is absolutely the greatest when a couple can find their joy from one another. That was so evident with Cassidee and Ethan. [...]

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